Friday, April 28, 2006

Personal data

Stolen from Shake's Sis (, which blog I recommend heartily.

Accent: Almost none. Although I'm a native Mississippian, I have almost no accent. I've been told I sound a bit midwestern occasionally.

Booze: Rum & coke when I drink, which is MUCH less often than it once was.

Chore I Hate: Taking out the garbage. ANYthing but that. It's the whole reason I had kids, so I could make THEM do it. (OK, not really, but it's a nice bonus.)

Dog or Cat: I'm not wild about pets at all, but will take a cat over a dog if forced to choose.

Essential Electronics: Computer and satellite TV. You can HAVE my stinking cell phone.

Favorite Cologne: Whatever my wife tells me to wear.

Gold or Silver: Silver. Or white gold, which is what my wedding band is.

Hometown: I grew up in the only incorporated burg in the USA named for a Pole: Kosciusko, MS. Named for Thaddeus Kosciuzsko, hero of the American Revolution. Of course, we both mispronounce it and misspell it, but hey, it's the thought, right?

Insomnia: Often. Can't get to sleep, then can't wake up in the morning.

Job Title: Lawyer. No, really.

Kids: Five, from age 21 to 10.

Living Arrangements: Standard marital unit in 3BR house.

Most Admirable Traits: Honest. Generous. Mind my own business.

Overnight Hospital Stays: Only once, for 3 nights. Gall bladder removal.

Quote: "It is not the critic who counts... The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena..." --- Theodore Roosevelt, 1910. Google "Man in the Arena" for the whole, long thing. It is worth it.

Religion: I attend Methodist church, but consider myself nondenomination Christian.

Siblings: One younger brother.

Time I Wake Up: 7am through the week, 8:30am on Sunday, whenever on Saturday.

Unusual Talent or Skill: I can 'mirror-write,' which is to write backwards from right to left and it can be read in a mirror. It's actually more legible than my handwritting.

Vegetable I Love: I’m hard-pressed to think of one I like. Spinach, I guess.

Worst Habit: Smoking.

Yummy Foods I Make: I'm a horrible cook, except for one thing. I make excellent omelettes.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini, the twin.

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Shakespeare's Sister said...

It's the whole reason I had kids, so I could make THEM do it.


I can 'mirror-write'

I can do that, too, and almost put that as my answer, but went with the forgery one instead. ;-)


Oh yeah, I should have thought of that!