Sunday, April 16, 2006

Right Wingers say WHAT?

OK, I've long ago gotten used to seeing the projection on the right: the persecutors who claim to be persecuted, the rich who claim to be poor and overtaxed. But Chris Muir's cartoon today just takes the cake. Apparently, in his little world, the right wing bloggers are V, heroically attacking the 'traitorous' MSM with 'facts.'

For those who haven't seen "V for Vendetta," you should, today. It is a moral imperative. Until you do, though, it is about a fascist Britain being opposed by a heroic loner, V, who patterns himself after Guy Fawkes. V blows up government buildings and gives speeches against the government.

Now somehow, Muir's 'heros' are always those who support the powerful, attack the powerless, steal from the poor, and comfort the comfortable. Am I the only one who considers this a perversion of both our nation's civic heritage and of Christianity?

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